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The Commissioning Process for New Buildings

Commissioning is a quality assurance process that increases the likelihood that a building will meet the owner's expectations. The commissioning process is ideally applied to all phases of a project - planning, design, construction, and occupancy. The process begins with the selection of a commissioning
authority who helps the owner develop and document the project requirements for the facility. The design professionals incorporate the owner project requirements (OPR) into the construction documents. The commissioning authority then verifies that the construction documents and the contractor's installation meet the OPR. When construction is complete, the commissioning authority and contractors conduct rigorous performance tests to evaluate individual components and systems ability to work together to achieve the OPR. At the end of the commissioning process, building operators receive training and documentation to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the building. The Owner's current facility requirements should be re-evaluated and the facility recommissioned every 3 to 5 years.

Planning Phase (Pre-design)

  • Identify commissioning authority (RFQ)
  • Develop owner's project requirements document (design intent)
  • Develop scope and budget for the commissioning process
  • Develop initial commissioning plan
  • Incorporate commissioning activities into design team scope of services
  • Pre-design phase commissioning report

Design Phase

  • Pre-design commissioning meeting
  • Verify the basis of design against the owner's project requirements
  • Perform design reviews at various stages of development
  • Develop commissioning requirements for the specifications
  • Begin to develop systems manual
  • Define training requirements
  • Begin to develop construction checklists
  • Begin to develop functional performance tests
  • Maintain issues log
  • Update commissioning plan
  • Update owner's project requirements and basis of design
  • Design phase commissioning report

Construction Phase

  • Bidding and contract negotiation meeting
  • Pre-construction commissioning process meeting
  • Integrate commissioning activities into the construction schedule
  • Verify contractor submittals
  • Verify operations and maintenance manuals
  • Develop construction checklists
  • Develop functional test procedures and data forms
  • Periodic site visits to verify installation
  • Verify or complete construction checklists as work is accomplished
  • Verify start-up and checkout
  • Maintain issues log
  • Verify, direct or perform functional tests
  • Periodic commissioning progress reports
  • Periodic commissioning meetings
  • Verify or develop systems manual
  • Verify training
  • Update owner's project requirements and basis of design
  • Update commissioning plan
  • Construction phase commissioning report

Occupancy and Operations Phase

  • Coordinate contractor callbacks
  • Verify, direct or perform opposite-season functional tests
  • Verify deferred training
  • Periodic performance evaluations
  • Review building operations before end of warranty period
  • Maintain issues log
  • Final commissioning report
  • Commissioning process evaluation (lessons learned meeting)
  • Update systems manual
  • Develop recommissioning plan (or continuous)

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