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  Building Commissioning

Commissioning is a quality assurance process with documented confirmation that building systems are planned, designed, installed, tested and capable of being operated and maintained according to the owner's project requirements. The commissioning process is frequently performed for both new construction and major capital improvement or retrofit projects. Existing building systems can also be commissioned to identify operations and maintenance improvements necessary to meet current facility requirements.

Mechanical Systems

Commissioning of the mechanical systems include plumbing, fire suppression, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and the building control system. "Experience indicates that, 75% of the commissioning work and 90% of the problems discovered are associated with the HVAC systems".
  Electrical Systems
Commissioning of the electrical systems include the building switchgear, on-site transformers, motor control centres, panel boards, lighting controls, emergency power, fire alarm , and building security system.

Other Systems

Many other specialty systems can be effectively commissioned including: the building envelope (roofing, wall assemble, windows, doors, construction joints, etc.); elevators; renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.); low energy HVAC systems, rainwater recovery systems and grey water systems.


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